Challenges to Faith

July 12, 2017 • Life for Leaders

“Who of all the gods of these countries have been able to save their lands from me? How then can the LORD deliver Jerusalem from my hand?”

Isaiah 36:20


A figurine sitting at a desk in despair.Have you ever found your faith challenged in a way that seems logical? Has someone ever put down your faith with arguments that cannot be easily dismissed?

Something like this happened to God’s people centuries ago around 700 B.C. While King Hezekiah reigned over Judah, the Assyrians, who had recently overthrown the northern kingdom of Israel, threatened to do the same to the southern kingdom. King Sennacherib of Assyria sent representatives to threaten the leaders of Judah. With taunts and insults, they promised terrible things for Judah unless Hezekiah surrendered.

One of their arguments for surrender seems perfectly logical on the surface. “Who of all the gods of these countries have been able to save their lands from me?” (36:20). Answer: None of those gods. Assyria’s domination had been undeterred. None of the national gods could stop Assyria. Hence the representatives asked, “How then can the LORD deliver Jerusalem from my hand?” (36:20).

Often our faith asks us to believe or to do that which contradicts conventional wisdom. For example, logically, it makes little sense to love our enemies, to think that we’ll get ahead by serving others, or to give up our lives with the hope that we’ll save them. These days, critics can mock our faith much as the Assyrians did when goading Hezekiah.

So, I wonder, what enables us to remain faithful when our faith is severely challenged? What will help us to trust in the Lord even when his ways are puzzling or contrary to popular beliefs? In tomorrow’s Life for Leaders devotion we’ll examine one answer to that question. For now, let me encourage you to consider the following questions.


When do you find your faith challenged?

Are there times when you struggle to do that which you know is right because it seems so unconventional?

Have you ever been teased because of your faith? How did you respond?

What helps you to remain faithful when your faith is so out of sync with the culture?


Gracious God, though our context is so very different from that of Judah and Hezekiah, we are still hearing the same sort of challenges to our faith: “Why do you pray for healing when the people you pray for don’t get well? Why do you forgive those who wrong you rather than get even? Why believe in God when the world is so full of suffering?” And on and on.

Help us, Lord, to be people of truth, people who don’t bury our heads in the sand and ignore challenges to our faith. Yet may we also see the full truth, not just the problems. Give us clarity of thought and confidence of faith. Help us to trust you when we are challenged by our neighbors, so that they might come to know you and worship you in spirit and in truth. Amen.


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2 thoughts on “Challenges to Faith

  1. I’m puzzled by the first sentence of the second paragraph: “Something like this happened to God’s people centuries around 700 B.C.” It seems like either “Something like this happened to God’s people around 700 B.C.” or “Something like this happened to God’s people centuries ago” or a combination of both, “Something like this happened to God’s people centuries ago, around 700 B.C.,” would work better.

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