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Walk with confidence into the work God is calling you to do

If you find yourself stuck at a crossroads, not knowing which way to take, Road Ahead helps you get unstuck and discern your next steps. Rooted in research and refined over time, our process is designed to help you address your work-related pain points so that you can walk with confidence into the work God is calling you to do.

Road Ahead is a six-week group experience that helps you take meaningful steps in your career by attending to the inner work God has for you during seasons of transition or disruption. It begins with listening to your STORY, that will then explore how your current pain points reveal the LONGINGS of your heart. From there we connect your longings with EMPATHY for the world around you, opening up new possibilities to IMAGINE what your next steps might be so that you can take that next doable RISK.

It is life-changing.

Come and experience a process that will help you attend to that inner work that has been beckoning you for so long. Your life, relationships, and work will be transformed.

Reach out with any questions, and we hope you’ll join us in a group soon!

What's in It For You?

Six Sessions of Reflection and Conversation

Each session is 2-hours in length, and happens once per week (over a six week period). Most cohorts currently meet virtually (via Zoom), along with a few in-person cohorts in Houston, TX.

Time and Space to Process

Each session is designed as a rest stop—space to intentionally slow down, quiet your mind and heart, and refuel for the next leg of the journey. These rest stops give you time to focus on what your soul needs as you listen for the voice of God in your work.

Discernment Tools

Each session includes guided exercises, reflection questions, Bible exploration, and experiment prompts that will help you unpack all that’s going on in your world. Some of these take place in the group sessions, while others happen between sessions.

Fellow Travelers

Companions are crucial to any journey. Our Road Ahead groups are intentionally small (5-8 people). Some of our groups are designed for people who share common experiences. Find descriptions for our cohort types below.

Road Ahead Might Be Good If:

  • + You’re feeling stuck
  • + You’re in vocational crisis
  • + You’re in transition
  • + You’re asking big “what’s next?” questions
  • + You have questions about what God is calling you to do


Creator of DrawNear Visual Prayer, lay minister, wife and mother, Fuller alumnus / 2020 Cohort: Women on a Mission

Sandee Masuda Hunt

The Road Ahead groups taught me how our pain can reveal our longings. I feel I was able to get unstuck by discerning what I long for and how my empathy related to my next steps.

Senior Vice President in Banking / 2020: Third Third Cohort

Siga Shagran

One common theme in our third third Road Ahead group was how to create more runway in our lives. Everyone in our cohort brought experiences of life and loss, and were willing to call a spade a spade. For me, I work in a corporate environment that will end one day. This program was relevant because it made sense how everything I've done in life can create more runway through empathy, imagination, and risk; to do other things as I get older.

Professional Coach, Trainer, and Artist / 2020 Cohort: Women on a Mission

Louise Abbiati

When I entered the Road Ahead program, I wanted to explore my new coaching practice. However, I discovered my longing and starting place was somewhere else. God was calling me to wholeness and authenticity which is connected to my creative practice. I wouldn’t have had this insight at this moment of my journey had I not gone through this program. This was a real eye-opener because I was able to connect back to my core, to the core of my calling.

Cohort Descriptions

Learn more about the unique Road Ahead cohorts we offer. Click each title below for a description plus additional information about each cohort type.

Cohort Schedule & Details

We offer cohorts on a trimester rhythm in the winter, summer, and fall. Here are the cohort types, dates, and times for the upcoming trimester. For later trimesters, please check back later.

Spring 2024

All current cohorts are full. Our next round of cohorts will be up in May and will run from June to August.
But you can still register for a cohort! Click the Register Now! link and complete the registration form, then someone from the DPC office will reach out via email once the next round of cohorts has been posted.

Please note: participants are strongly encouraged to be able to attend all sessions.

Cost & Scholarship Information

Road Ahead is a paid program, with the option to add on individual coaching sessions that help you activate all that comes up in the group experience.

Road Ahead Price:

This includes: 1) six group sessions, each two hours in length, 2) a welcome package that includes a workbook and tools for your cohort, and 3) access to the Enneagram or CliftonStrengths assessment to supplement your self-reflection.

Specialized Coaching Add-On:
$300 for three 50-minute sessions*

Coaching helps you activate all that comes up in the group experience. Our coaches specialize in the Enneagram, CliftonStrengths, vocational discernment, and spiritual direction. We’ll customize our coaching to whatever best meets your needs! Visit the Guides section below to learn more about our coaches.

*You start with three 50-minute coaching sessions, and can always add on more if desired.

Thanks to a generous donor, partial scholarships are available for our cohorts. Please indicate that you need a scholarship on your registration or email us directly at connect@depree.org.

Meet Our Guides

We’ve curated a network of diverse and contextual guides to facilitate our Road Ahead cohorts. Guides also provide one-on-one coaching. Click below on their biographies to learn more!

Ready to Register?

In order to provide the most seamless registration experience possible, our Road Ahead program utilizes a three-step process of onboarding participants and forming cohorts.

Step 1: You register

You can register by filling out the registration form. Registration takes about 3-5 minutes.

Step 2: You pay now (or later if you're requesting a scholarship)

Once you register, you’ll receive an email with payment instructions. If you are requesting a scholarship, the email will have more information on how to do so.

Step 3: We'll confirm your participation via email later

You’ll receive an email in a week or two confirming your participation in a cohort. If we have questions about your registration, we’ll get in touch with you immediately.

Have More Questions?

Fill out our Contact Form to send us any questions, comments, or concerns you have. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.