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To equip leaders to respond faithfully to God’s callings in all seasons of their life and leadership.

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The De Pree Center, as a part of Fuller Seminary, is touching the lives of thousands of people each day because of the generous financial support of many donors and foundations who believe in our mission. We’d welcome a gift to one of four areas: 1) Support the mission of the De Pree Center; 2) Support Life for Leaders Devotions;  3) Support Cohort Scholarships; 4) Support Third Third Resources.  To learn more about these initiatives, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

If you would like to talk to one of our leaders about supporting the work of the Center, please email us. Thank you for your support!

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Make a one-time or monthly recurring donation using Fuller Seminary’s secure, online payment platform. Powered by MobileCause.

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Make your check out to Fuller Theological Seminary (with De Pree Center in the memo) and send to:

Fuller Theological Seminary
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Other Ways to Support

If you’re looking to give beyond a one-time or recurring monetary donation, consider these methods below!

Donate via Wire Transfer

If you’d like to give via wire transfer, please click below for instructions. If you plan to give a major gift (above $10,000), please consider sending via wire transfer instead of mailing a check.

Donate via Stock Gifts

If you’d like to give by transferring a gift of stocks, please click below for instructions. Stock gifts are made by filling out a Letter or Authorization, which you can get by contacting the Fuller Foundation office.

Donate via IRA

If you’d like to give via IRA charitable gift rollover, please click below for instructions. Donors who are 70.5 years or older may make a gift up to $100,000 directly from their individual retirement account (IRA).

We have several exciting projects you can support.

When you support De Pree Center, you can designate your gift to a specific De Pree Center initiative, or support our overall mission.

Support the mission of the De Pree Center

The De Pree Center exists to equip leaders to respond faithfully to God’s callings in all seasons of their life and leadership. If you make a donation to us, you can designate your gift to support our overall mission, which will go towards supporting our staff, our general expenses, and the various initiatives other than the ones listed above.

Support Life for Leaders Devotions

Here at De Pree Center, our goal is to help leaders like you grow in your sense of purpose, deal with issues that matter, and move toward greater fruitfulness in whatever work God has called you to do. One of our premier ways we accomplish this is through Life for Leaders, our free, digitally delivered devotional, sent to your inbox every morning. Life for Leaders helps you go deeper in your understanding of God and your calling and addresses the real life issues you face each day.

Your contributions help design webpages, emails, devotionals, and webinar opportunities that help leaders discover purpose, meaning, and impact through their everyday work. Thanks to your support, these transformational devotionals can be distributed to thousands of people throughout the world.

Sponsor Cohort Scholarships

De Pree Center offers a variety of cohort experiences. In Road Ahead, we let empathy fuel imagination so that we can take risks in our vocation. In Go the Distance, a shalom-shaped future is our guiding light as we seek renewal. In our Third Third Flourishing cohorts, we explore new narratives about retirement.

Your sponsorship helps individuals eager to take meaningful steps in their careers, which can start by attending to the inner work God has for them in any given season. Our cohorts offer companions for the journey, one-on-one coaching, and discernment tools for their next steps.

Support Third Third Resources

One of our most recent undertakings is helping people in the “third third” of life to flourish in all they do, for their own sake and for the sake of God’s work in the world. We believe it’s impossible to overstate the potential impact of third third adults using all that God has entrusted to them for his kingdom purposes. Their contribution will make a magnificent difference in businesses, non-profits, neighborhoods, families, churches, schools, and the wider world. And, as they make such a difference, third third folk will flourish, living life to the full.

Supporting our resources will help us continue to stay current with what churches and people in their third third of life need, and then put our ideas to the test. With your partnership, we are able to find answers to today’s toughest ministry and aging questions.

We thank you in advance for your generosity. May God bless you in your journeys.

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