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About Each Newsletter

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Faith, Work, and Leadership Newsletter

Newsletter sent Twice-a-Month

Resources curated by editors to help you keep tabs on the content that matters most to your faith, work, and leadership.

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Life for Leaders Emails

Devotions emailed Every Day

Life for Leaders Daily Devotions is our daily, biblical devotion, arriving in your inbox each morning.

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Third Third Life Newsletter

Newsletter sent Once-a-Month

Third Third Life is our monthly newsletter with content about flourishing in the third third of life. Ideal for those in or entering the third third of life.

Women Professionals Newsletter

Newsletter sent Once-a-Month

Resources for women professionals who are charting their own course.

Church Leaders Newsletter

Newsletter sent Once-a-Month

Resources for church leaders to keep tabs on the content that matters most to you.

What Our Readers Are Saying

About Our Faith, Work, Leadership Newsletter

Your work HAS touched my life. You provide many examples of how to live in Christ. –Steve B.

Your emails are encouraging and often I will forward these on to those I am training or mentoring, to engage them in a deeper reflection or challenge them to move outside their comfort zone. –Terry R.

I’ve been waiting for a message like the one that just came in moments ago. For 5 years as a working, professional marketplace missionary–I’ve been praying that Fuller would get in the marketplace dialogue that [your center] been working on. I’ve been watching this grow and proud to be associated. –Darren H.

As a leader in our office, may I lead like Jesus and be able to be a blessing and inspiration to my staff and co-workers in words, action and plans.I am greatly encouraged with this wonderful message. –Rochelle B.

About Our Daily Devotional, Life for Leaders

The devotions are a vital part of my morning routine and helps to start the day with Christ. –Tim L.

Your wonderful devotionals have enriched my life. I teach at a Christian college and some days I read them to my classes instead of my normal opening prayer. –John H.

I look forward every morning to include your devotion to my morning time with Jesus. –Reg H.

I appreciate and am blessed by your words words every day. I am in the midst of change and am looking for a new opportunity to serve the Lord. Can’t wait to see what God does! –Terry C.

Your daily devotions have been very helpful in my life. –Diann F.

Your words are calming in this time of uncertainty. I think I have mentioned before that I use your devotional everyday. –Sarah B.

You have meant so much to my personal devotions over the past 2 years and today’s writing on Nehemiah has been especially helpful. –Jim S.

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