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Through conversation, scripture and stories, we invite God into work’s biggest challenges, so that you can live out your purpose in the workplace. The Making It Work podcast is brought to you in partnership by The Max De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary and the Theology of Work Project. Hosts: Leah ArchibaldMark Roberts.

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Episode 69: Thriving as a Sensitive Soul at Work

“Making It Work” Podcast with Dorcas Cheng Tozun

Sensitive, empathic, introverted. These are some of the ways that today’s guest Dorcas Cheng Tozun would describe herself.

Episode 68: How I Learned to Let God Shape My Plans

“Making It Work” Podcast with Barry Rowan

We all make plans for our work, whether that’s a list of things to do today, or a ten year plan. We have hopes, dreams, and goals for the future.

Episode 67: The Call to Love at Work

“Making It Work” Podcast with Jasmine Bellamy

In addition to being named one of Sports Illustrated’s Top 100 most influential black women in sports, Jasmine Bellamy is an influential figure in bringing the practice of love to transform workplace culture from the inside out.

Episode 66: Faith-Based ERGs & Building Bridges at Work

“Making It Work” Podcast with Barbara Villasenor

Faith-based employee resource groups can be a bridge to building relationships within your own faith and across different faiths at your company.

Episode 65: Can the Enneagram Be Used to Build Better Relationships at Work?

“Making It Work” Podcast with Jesse Eubanks

The Enneagram, a personality typing system, has exploded in popularity in recent years. For followers of Jesus, the enneagram can be a useful tool on the road to healthier relationships with God, yourself, and others.

Episode 64: The Power of Forgiveness at Work

“Making It Work” Podcast with Loren Toussaint

Workplace relationships can shape your job experience for the better or for the worse, when interpersonal hurts or offenses occur at work, they can negatively impact your job performance.

Episode 63: Trusting God in Chronic Pain

“Making It Work” Podcast with Grant Hoffecker

Studies suggest that up to 40% of American workers experience chronic pain – pain that persists for more than 3 months – sometimes unbeknownst to managers and co-workers.

Episode 62: Trusting God’s Provision

“Making It Work” Podcast with Katrina Miles

Anxiety and uncertainty about finances are part of most people’s lives, even followers of Jesus.

Episode 61: God’s Purposes for Your Work

“Making It Work” Podcast with Tom Lutz

How do you find purpose in your work? Does your faith give your work purpose? Or does your work give you perspective on your faith? We explore what the Bible has to say about the purpose of your work with guest Tom Lutz.

Episode 60: Experience God’s Presence When Working from Home

“Making It Work” Podcast with Denise Daniels and Shannon Vandewarker

Guests Denise Daniels and Shannon Vandewarker discuss spiritual practices that can help you connect with God when working from home.

Episode 59: Staying Composed Under Pressure

“Making It Work” Podcast with Rob McKenna

Whether you work in management, customer service, as a teacher, or as a parent, no matter what your job is, the daily pressures of work can get to you. You may react in ways that hurt others or don’t feel consistent with the person you want to be.

Episode 58: The Power of Hospitality

“Making It Work” Podcast with Teena Dare

Over 15 million people in the United States work in the hospitality industry today. You may not typically think of working in hospitality as a particularly powerful job, but this work holds great power when we connect it to God’s hospitality and God’s powerful welcome to all people.

Episode 57: Being a Restorative Presence at Work

“Making It Work” Podcast with Ben Stamper

Our workplaces are broken in all sorts of ways. By greed, by selfishness, short sightedness, lack of consideration, and lack of love for others. As followers of Jesus, how can we resist replicating the brokenness and instead act as a restorative presence in our workplaces and industries?

Episode 56: Are You Working at the Right Pace?

“Making It Work” Podcast with Caitie Butler

Do you feel overwhelmed, distracted or stressed at work? Do you feel yourself hurtling towards burnout? It might not be that your job is a bad fit for you. It could just be that you’re working at the wrong pace.

Episode 55: Re-creation in a Broken World

“Making It Work” Podcast with Sam Thevanayagam

Sam Thevanayagam is the president and CEO of three companies—Parts Life, Inc., DeVal Lifecycle Support, and LC Engineers—focused on aerospace and defense systems used with domestic and international platforms.

Episode 54: Prayer at Work

“Making It Work” Podcast with Barbara Myrick

You might feel out of place praying at work or offering to pray for someone you work with. But guest Barbara Myrick credits prayer at work with stronger relationships and even better work results.

Episode 53: Find Your Voice, Take Back Your Power

“Making It Work” Podcast with Deb Liu

Deb Liu is a former VP at Facebook and the current President and CEO of Ancestry. As a woman who has worked her way to the top of the corporate ladder in Silicon Valley, she knows firsthand the challenges that keep the deck stacked against women in the workplace and the ways to overcome them.

Episode 52: Myths and Half-Truths About Calling

“Making It Work” Podcast with Bryan Dik

Do you work a job or do you live a calling?

Episode 51: What to Do Next

“Making It Work” Podcast with Jeff Henderson

Do you want to move forward in your work, but feel like your past is weighing you down? Or maybe you know where you want to go, but you’re uncertain about your best next step?

Episode 50: Knowing What to Share (and Not Share) on Social Media

“Making It Work” Podcast with Christian & Anastasia Anderson

What wisdom and guidance can faith provide for deciding how you use social media and what you share?

Episode 49: Get Paid More! (How to Ask for a Raise)

“Making It Work” Podcast with Sarah Evers

If the thought of asking for a raise makes you nervous, you’re not alone. According to a Glassdoor survey, less than half of women, and 60% of men, plan to ask for a raise in the next 12 months.

Episode 48: Following God’s Lead Through a Career Change

“Making It Work” Podcast with Eli Jones

Whether you can’t stand your job or just want to try something new, contemplating a career change can be intimidating.

Episode 47: When God Calls You to the Unexpected

“Making It Work” Podcast with Jessica Tanoesoedibjo

Have you ever felt God calling you to something unexpected and outside your comfort zone?

Episode 46: How to Respond to Disrespect at Work

“Making It Work” Podcast with Janeen Uzzell

How do you respond when you’re being overlooked, misunderstood, or even mistreated at work?

Episode 45: Marketing Yourself Like Jesus

“Making It Work” Podcast with Darren Shearer

Hearing the term “marketing” can bring up a mixture of feelings.

Episode 44: When You’ve Done the Work
But Aren’t Seeing Success

“Making It Work” Podcast with Mary Beth Minnis

How long do I have to wait to see success in my work?

Episode 43: Biblical Wisdom for Approaching
Wealth, Money & Your Work

“Making It Work” Podcast with Roy Goble

How important are wealth and money to your job, and how important should they be?

Episode 42: Time Management Lessons from the Bible

“Making It Work” Podcast with Jordan Raynor

Where has all the time gone?

Episode 41: The Gift of Knowing Your Audience

“Making It Work” Podcast with Patricia Raybon

Who does your work serve?

Episode 40: What to do About Fraud in the Workplace

“Making It Work” Podcast with Charles Malgwi

What if something serious is going wrong at your workplace?

Episode 39: What is a Faith Driven Entrepreneur?

“Making It Work” Podcast with Henry Kaestner

What would it mean to be an entrepreneur who is driven by faith?

Episode 38: Barred from the Workforce:
The Hidden Side of Life After Incarceration

“Making It Work” Podcast with Reuben Jonathan Miller

Once your life has been touched by incarceration, even when you’re free again, you’re never truly free.

Episode 37: Building Unity with Diverse Teams

“Making It Work” Podcast with Corrie Napier

How do you foster a healthy work culture with a diverse team?

Episode 36: Find Meaningful Work in a Changing World

“Making It Work” Podcast with Michaela O’Donnell

The uncertainty of work today may leave you anxious and asking, how can I find meaning in my work?

Episode 35: Sustaining Hope for the World’s Big Problems

“Making It Work” Podcast with Victor Boutros

Are you facing a problem in your work that feels like it’s too big for you to solve?

Episode 34: Jesus at the Joystick: Can Video Games be Spiritual?

“Making It Work” Podcast with Xalavier Nelson, Jr.

Does spiritual development have to be dull? Or can growing with God be more like a game?

Episode 33: Attune to God’s Voice for Your Work

“Making It Work” Podcast with Tracy Mathews

If you could discern God’s guidance and presence in your everyday life and work, what would you ask?

Episode 32: Customer Service and the Imitation of Christ

“Making It Work” Podcast with Ron Johnson

Interacting with customers and clients can be stressful.

Episode 31: Winning and Losing at Work

“Making It Work” Podcast with Nate Proctor

Do you work in a job where you have to win?

Episode 30: Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction & Anxiety

“Making It Work” Podcast with Justin Whitmel

Whether or not you’re intentionally forming your habits, your habits are forming you.

Episode 29: Leading in Times of Uncertainty

“Making It Work” Podcast with Laura Whitaker

How do you lead with faith in a world that is uncertain?

Episode 28: Stop Trying to Find Your Passion

“Making It Work” Podcast with Liz Forkin Bohannon

Have you found your passion at work?

Episode 27: When Staying with Your Job is an Act of Obedience

“Making It Work” Podcast with David Hataj

What do you do when God calls you to stay in a job that’s making your life difficult?

Episode 26: Finding Joy in a Job You Don’t Like

“Making It Work” Podcast with Shundrawn Thomas

How can you experience joy in your work when you’re working a job that you don’t like?

Episode 25: How to Find a Mentor and Be a Mentor

“Making It Work” Podcast with Bill Hendricks

Guest Bill Hendricks discusses the benefits of finding and being a mentor, and gives practical advice for how to do both.

Episode 24: Mending Your Relationship with Your Boss

“Making It Work” Podcast with Femi Sokoya

Guest Femi Sokoya flipped a bad manager situation, first by seeing his work as a place where he represents God, and then by inviting his manager into conversation.

Episode 23: Get the Rest You Need

“Making It Work” Podcast with Saundra Dalton

Guest Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith tells us about seven different types of rest and how God helped her recover from a season of burnout.

Episode 21: Doing God’s Work in the Military

“Making It Work” Podcast with Russ Gehrlein

Our guest today, Master Sergeant Russ Gehrlein, made his career in military service, where he not only discovered God’s purposes for his work, he also realized he could feel God’s presence at work on a daily basis.

Episode 22: Ordinary Employees Pursuing Racial Justice in the Workplace

“Making It Work” Podcast with Maya Adolf and Jamie Sturm

Guests Maya Adolf and Jamie Sturm started an employee-led educational group to foster racial understanding in their workplace.

Bonnie Kristian

Episode 20: How to Weather a Bad News Cycle with Jesus

“Making It Work” Podcast with Bonnie Kristian

How do you weather the news when it seems like one piece of bad news after another?

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