The Wise Leader

Written by Uli Chi, Senior Fellow at the De Pree Center

Though we are overwhelmed with information, we often struggle to find true wisdom. Yet those leading or mentoring others, whether in business or in spiritual life, must rely on wisdom’s guidance to lead with purpose and meaning. With decades of leadership experience in business, nonprofits, and Christian higher education, Uli Chi helps readers build this foundational virtue.

Looking to Scripture as well as art and literature, Chi illuminates the nature of wisdom as fundamentally relational and other-centered. In the context of leadership, biblical wisdom shows us the importance of wielding power with humility. Chi also provides a framework for the formation of character and vision in the lifelong journey of gaining wisdom. Full of substantive and practical reflections, The Wise Leader both forms young leaders and teaches experienced leaders how to pass on the torch meaningfully.

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About the Author

Dr. Uli Chi has spent his life practicing leadership in the intersection of for profit and nonprofit businesses, the theological academy, and the local church. He is an award-winning technological entrepreneur, who founded a software company that develops 3-D virtual reality software that simplifies complex decision-making for consumers and businesses. He is a sought-after advisor to senior executives and serves in board governance at multiple non-profits. Uli currently serves as Board Chair of the Virginia Mason Franciscan Health System in the Pacific Northwest, and Vice Chair of the De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena. Uli has also served as Chair of Regent College’s Board of Governors, and Chair of the Executive Committee for the Center for Integrity in Business at Seattle Pacific University. For the last forty years, he has served leaders in a wide variety of roles in his local Presbyterian congregation.

He is currently a Senior Fellow at the De Pree Center for Leadership and regularly contributes to its Life for Leaders daily devotional blog. Uli is the author of an upcoming book on wise leadership and is part of the teaching faculty for Regent College’s Master of Arts in Leadership, Theology, and Society.

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